TM AI Cobots

Worlds first cobot with built-in vision

Why the
TM AI cobot?

Intelligent Vision System

TM AI cobot is equipped with a built-in vision system, which integrates into both the hardware and software perfectly, whereas traditional add-on vision solutions to robotics are complicated, time consuming and costly to implement

Use Your Hand

Programming of the TM AI cobot can be done by a simple-to-use user interface. You can guide the TM AI cobot by hand and select the required positions. All selected points are visual in an all-graphic flow chart based on HMI. It only takes 5 minutes to achieve a pick and place task.

Safe and Friendly Robotics

The use of fences or robot cells is a thing of the past with the TM AI cobot. The TM AI cobot meets the latest safety requirements for collaborative robots.


Equipped with various standard vision functionalities such as object and color recognition


Anyone can program the TM AI Cobot, knowledge of programming is not required.


The TM AI Cobot meets the latest safety requirements for collaborative robots.

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