TM vision

TM AI+ AOI is a Smart Function software that helps you deploy TMvision in all required places in the factory.

TMvision, one of TM Robot's most iconic features, can now be deployed more flexibly.
If you have requirements for setting up purely visual work areas in the factory or if you need multiple cameras in a single visual work area.
"TM AI+ AOI is the best solution for you to optimize your deployment costs while meeting visual function needs. "

TM AI+ AOI software can be installed on the IPC located on a particular workstation. By connecting the camera to the IPC, the user can operate the TMvision function on the IPC and control the camera to perform vision tasks, including object identification, image enhancement, measurement and more.

Techman Robot intelligent software not only improves visual performance, but also provides centralized management of data, making your production process seamless and efficient.

TM AI+ AOI can also be used with the TM AI+ feature (add-on feature).
Through the connected camera, images are uploaded to TM AI+ Training Server to generate AI models. After that, cameras can perform more complicated vision tasks based on the AI model.

When multiple cameras are connected, users can login to TMflow Client and obtain information from all cameras within the same area network. Including real-time status, work order info, work progress and even camera operation.