20 March 2024

Ready for Industry 5.0 with AI-driven cobots

The integration of digital technologies to enhance human-machine interaction is becoming increasingly fascinating in the world of cobots. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can make these small yet useful robots smarter and more flexible. Meet the Techman cobots: the only cobots in the world with an integrated vision system, and thanks to the new AI S-series, they are now also controlled and enhanced by AI.

Besides all the new possibilities offered by AI, the integrated vision of Techman cobots alone brings many benefits to different production processes and industries. For instance, thanks to the vision system, TM cobots are inherently intelligent even without AI, as they are capable of reading barcodes and, among other things, locating products without the need for these to be specifically defined to the cobot. Moreover, the standard vision system ensures a high level of mobility and flexibility through the 'landmark' principle.

Support for manual work
With the addition of an AI module, the latest TM cobot series is now capable of even smarter operations, such as product recognition and subsequently initiating the correct steps per product type. The TM AI cobot can also perform quality controls by comparing the quality with correct and incorrect examples from a compiled database of photos. This makes the already widely deployable TM cobot even more flexible, providing assistance with classification (what is it?), object detection (how many are needed?), anomaly detection (is it correct?) and more.

Focused on the future
With an intrinsic focus on collaborative work between humans and machines, TM AI robots are an excellent preparation for Industry 5.0 across various industries. Thanks to advanced technology, safe use and exceptional programming ease, they not only increase efficiency but also meet the ever-changing requirements of modern production processes.

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